VOGLE graphics library (modified)

The basic vector-based VOGLE graphics library (libvogle(3)) is written in C but can be called from FORTRAN, Fortran, C++ and C on a very large number of Unix variants. This library has proven itself to be very portable and relatively low-maintenance.

On many Unix and GNU/Linux platforms, to build the library all you have to do is get the gzipped tar(1) file libvogle.tgz and expand it. Then go into the directory called "libs" it generates and run the script scripts/make.shell. If your platform/compiler is not supported, you may have to add a case statement for it in the scripts scripts/system and scripts/ccall; and make a makefile in LIBRARY/makefiles. There are many examples of different configurations available in these files.

I have some of the more popular pre-compiled libraries available on-line (these are included in the source file (libvogle.tgz) in lib/LIBRARY/libvogle/lib/).

John. S. Urban

example plots

vogle example output - NATO table
vogle example output - line styles